• Class 1 Syllabus

    i)         verb – to be, subject

    ii)       Pronouns- a, an, whose

    iii)      Plurals, there is, are

    iv)      Possessive adjective

    v)       Adjectives- color, age, weight, height

    vi)      Use of some and any

    vii)    Prepositions of place; can, there is/are, this that these/those

    viii)   Simple present; object pronouns

    ix)      Simple present; adverbs of frequency

    x)       Prepositions of time (at, in, on)

    xi)      A/an/some/any/how much/how many/ plurals

    xii)    Countable/ uncountable

    xiii)   Simple past

  • Class 2 Syllabus

    i)         Present continuous- is/am/are verb-ing

    ii)       Present simple

    iii)      Like/ don’t like

    iv)      Proper noun

    v)       Common noun

    vi)      Use of a/an/the

    vii)    Pronouns- I, you, she, he, it, we, you,

    viii)   Jumbled sentence

    ix)      Negative form of present tense

    x)       Present simple has/have/ don’t have doesn’t have

    xi)      Present continuous- can/ can’t

    xii)    Does/what/where

    xiii)   Adjectives big/small

    xiv)   How/when/where

    xv)    Hot/ cold/ warm/cool


  • Class 3 Syllabus

    i)         Common, Proper And Collective Nouns

    ii)       Singular/ plural, pronouns(i/he/she/it/ they/ my)

    iii)      Speak time quarter past thirty

    iv)      Adverbs- always, never, usually

    v)       Verb and forms

    vi)      Tenses

    vii)    Gender, adjectives (quantity, quality, degree of comparison)

    viii)   Homophones, antonyms

    ix)      Conjunctions ( and, or, but, still, as, because)

    x)       Articles, adverbs

    xi)      Prepositions (In, into, in front of, behind, under, between and among)

    xii)    Punctuations


  • Class 4 Syllabus

    i)         Common, proper, collective and material nouns, genders

    ii)       Singular- plurals

    iii)      Pronouns (I, he, she, us, it, they, this, that, mine, my)

    iv)      Similes, verbs and forms

    v)       Antonyms, tenses(simple, present, perfect)

    vi)      Homophones, prepositions(in, into, in front of behind, under, between, since, for,among, to, of beside, besides, across)

    vii)    Conjunctions (because, nevertheless, neither, nor, either, or)

    viii)   Adverbs (manner, time, place)

    ix)      Determiners (each,every,much, more, less little)

    x)       Modals (can,could may, might, will, shall)

    xi)      Punctuations


  • Class 5 Syllabus

    i)         Articles

    ii)       Prepositions, interjections, conjunctions

    iii)      Tenses

    iv)      Adverbs

    v)       Nouns

    vi)      Adjectives

    vii)    Clauses

    viii)   Pronouns

    ix)      Verbs

    x)       Reported speech

    xi)      Contractions and questions

  • Class 6 Syllabus

    i)         Parts of speech

    ii)       Nouns

    iii)      Verbs

    iv)      Pronouns

    v)       Adverbs

    vi)      Tenses

    vii)    Clauses

    viii)   Modals

    ix)      Clauses

    x)       Reported speech

    xi)      Suffix and prefix

    xii)    Punctuations

    xiii)    Conjunctions and interjections

  • Class 7 Syllabus

    i)         Nouns, subject, predicate

    ii)       Parts of speech

    iii)      Pronouns

    iv)      Voice

    v)       Verbs

    vi)      Prepositions

    vii)     Tenses

    viii)   Articles

    ix)      Adjectives

    x)       Reported speech

  • Class 8 Syllabus

    i)         Transformation of sentences

    ii)       Noun, subject predicate

    iii)      Conjunctions

    iv)      Complex sentences

    v)       Parts of speech

    vi)      Abstract Nouns

    vii)    Voice speech

    viii)   Genders

    ix)      Tenses

    x)       Prepositions

    xi)      Verbs

  • Class 9 Syllabus

    i)         Transformation of Sentences

    ii)       Conjunctions

    iii)      Complex and Compound Sentences

    iv)      Voice

    v)       Genders

    vi)      Plurals

    vii)    Tenses

    viii)   Prepositions

    ix)      Articles

    x)       Verbs

    xi)      Sentence making

  • Class 10 Syllabus

    i)         Tenses

    ii)       Modals (have to/ had to/ must/ should, need/ ought to and –ve forms)

    iii)      Use of passive voice

    iv)      Subject verb concord

    v)       Reporting

    (1)     Commands and requests

    (2)     Statements

    (3)     Questions

    vi)      Clauses

    (1)     Nouns

    (2)     Adverbs

    (3)     Relative noun

    vii)    Determiners

    viii)    Prepositions